This tripod is perfect, it’s so lightweight, compact and hardly noticeable when carrying for a full day.

It comes with its own bag included within the price.  
The fact it becomes a mono pod is great if you ever need one.

the quality of this product is way up there with the top end Tripods.

First Impressions

When picking a tripod we all make the mistake of picking the so called best brands, but what makes a great brand  “time” time in the game, a well know brand goes a long way and with that new newcomers to the game don’t always get the recognition they deserve. 

K&F for me fall into that category, they are now getting more and more well known for their superior quality and great value for money, I have yet to try one of their products and be disappointed. This tripod made me smile when I opened the case purely on the quality of the product, I mean its only £99.99 and its better than some of my high-end tripods 3 times the cost of this. 


you will notice that its very compact when you take it out the case with the legs folding up the shaft and covering the ball head,
the ball head itself locks easy and is very fluid in its movement when panning, which is great for video work and creating panoramas out in the field.

this tripod can reach 1.5 meters tall and be stable it has a hook so you can hang some weight to make sure its secure on those gusty days out.



→ light weight and tall

→ carry case

→ max weight of 10Kg

→ turns into a mono pod

Great value for money


→ no spikes on the feet

→ some knobs are small