YAMAY Fitness Tracker,Fitness Watch with Blood Pressure Watch Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch IP68 Waterproof Pedometer Watch Activity Tracker Watch Step Counter Sleep Monitor

First impressions.

When receiving the package the presentation was very impressive the box has all the information you need, inside the box you get the fitness tracker with built in usb for charging, you get the strap and instructions and a how to charge guide.

the tracker has an inbuilt battery which is great and can be charged by plugging it into your phone as well as other usb type chargers, I am not sure on how long it will last on a charge but I have been using mine a lot for the past 3 days and only lost 18% on the charge.

I have had a few fitness trackers over the years ranging from £35 to £100 range and I must say this has some extra features that those did not have, the main one for me being the bloody pressure monitor, I will admit I was very sceptical about weather this would work or not as using a blood pressure monitor is important to my daily health. I have a proper bloody pressure monitor at home “you know the Cuff type” I took a reading with this first then the YAMAY tracker and I must say it was also spot on with only a minimal adjustment needed to match.

Quality and build is really good made of a hard plastic with smoot coating feels nice on the wrist making it great for when you sweat it does not slip around.

it has some amazing features I am loving the phone app which has all the info from the watch transferred to it in graph form, the app itself is very easy to us and very intuitive, the app is wonderful to use and I figured it out within 5 minutes. I had a firmware update as soon as it connected to the app via Bluetooth which took 15mins and was very simple, “I Love Simple”.

This fitness tracker is waterproof which is amazing! It means I’ve been able to wear it in the shower  while cleaning dishes.

It also has the option to sync messages from WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and iMessage etc
the messages pop up on the fitness tracker and it can vibrate at the same time!
You can also set alarms or make an alert if you’ve been sedentary for a certain period of time!

It has many different modes, you can track your steps, heart rate, blood pressure and sleep cycle!

I Am extremely impressed with this Fitness Tracker it is worth a lot more than its selling for,



→ Heart rate monitor

→ Blood pressure monitor

→ water proof

→ light weight 

Great value for money


→ would like more clock faces

→ constant reading of heart rate

→ no usb extension lead